EAT POWERFUL - this is the mantra of DailyYOU, a premium catering company dedicated to delivering healthy soul food that nurtures and fuels its customers.

Store Design & Visual Brand Language

When I met the founders of DailyYOU, it was obvious to me how passionate and dedicated they were. Only the brand design and the brand communication didn’t reflect their heartfelt mission. So we started the rebranding process.

Logo Design Variations

Everything began in 2010 with a walk through a large office district in Hamburg where tens of thousands work every day. And with this question: “How and what would these people prefer to eat for lunch?” And with this question, a concept was developed that is tailored precisely to the needs of the “Business People” target group – the DAILY You concept. The speed of preparation was particularly important during the conception, as many people only have a short lunch break.

Print Design
Illustration & Handwriting
Storefront Design

"Jessica was a wizard at refreshing our brand, making our visuals speak and creating feels like no other. Her magic touch had our brand's heart beating in every detail.""

– Kemal & Eko

Brand & Content Photography

Web Design
Social Content Creation
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